The Outpost

my name is bronwen finnerty burke, a.k.a. birdy. hi!

(my use of lower case is in homage to the great typographer and designer, jan tschichold).

i am a transitioning transgender woman with an idea and a need.

as i’ve been coming out over the last year, i have become more and more aware that, like myself only a few months ago, there may be many people that are practicing various behaviors which indicate that they may be transgender people but they don’t yet identify as such. i think that they, like myself, need some way to help them decide if they want to make the transition and free themselves from living in hiding and shame.

my idea comes from a couple of experiences that i’ve had over the decades in which i was a peace activist. one time, i fasted for two weeks and every day i sat in front of the local post office with a small table and literature and simply invited passersby to stop and chat. it was wonderful and i think in a small way made some difference to people that i was there.

what i’d like to do now is similar.

i plan to take a small folding table and four wooden chairs, a banner and a vase for flowers, and my drum out into public and invite passerby to sit a spell and chat.

in so doing, i hope to meet people and be met, hope that my accessibility help normalize the reality of Transgender persons in our public sphere and even hope that someone who is in some degree of desperation or isolation, hiding their “shameful secret” might be given some encouragement to move forward with their lives and find a way to make peace and express themselves most truthfully to themselves and the world.