Let’s Get Started

Hello, dear reader! Thank you for taking the time to visit my little patch of the internet landscape. My name is Allison (Alli for short) and this blog is something I feel guided to do at this time. It is a love letter to the Church from one of her struggling members, but it also a space for those outside to ‘come and see’ the forming of one Christian in the furnace of daily life.

I am proof that God rolls up his sleeves and works in the muck. But, my tendency is to try to look perfect. Perfect Christian. Perfect wife. Perfect employee. Perfect driver. You get the idea. I don’t like the seams of my life exposed. I want to be one of those Good People who gets it right all the time and has sweet smelling breath upon awakening. The trouble is, that’s exhausting. And it isn’t authentic. Furthermore, it doesn’t help anybody.

So, formally diagnosed as a perfectionist (I have the papers), this blog is my challenge to myself to do away with at least some of that claptrap. I’m a very private person, and exhibitionism isn’t my style. But, when I have opened up to others about what’s going on inside my fevered little brain they usually express that it’s helped them somehow. It’s made them laugh. Made them think. Made them have some peace. Herein, I pray you will find that you’re not alone, wherever you are on the road of faith.

I am not a seminarian, but I enjoy deep study of the Word. I am not a theologian, but I seek to understand God. I expect to keep getting lots of things wrong. My flaws are not the end of my story. Neither are yours.

In this space I invite those who are willing to join me to investigate the world through the eyes of faith. This is a look into the life of an ordinary Christian in these times–for those with true grit. There will be sad things, joyous things, scary things, weird things, and fun things because I like them. All through the lens of how God works in our lives.

If you’ve read this far, I think you’ve found a good spot in which to belong. But it won’t be cozy. This is the raw place. This is a peek into how the sausage is made when it comes to a Christian life. Welcome, fellow seeker.


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