at The Outpost… wherever it happens to be.

here i was, all the way away from anyone, more than a mile down dirt till a clearing that saw the road drift on into the horizon as just a couple of dusty ruts… perfect! i unloaded the table and a chair, only one though, this was just practice… getting some footage to play with to hone it to a fine point before getting The Outpost under full steam, on the street. that’s where i’ll be host and guest to all and sundry seeking good conversations to record and share with the world.

a nice quiet spot out here, under the almost blood blue moon, my drum and my Transgender Flag draped table on which burned a single red candle in a deep sea blue glazed candlestick of costa rican clay… and all the nice equipment, collected over a year’s time… lights! camera! action!

sweetly the sundown washed over the solitude as i played…

alone. not expecting…

that all upon a sudden up would come wandering a jolly Cat who calls himself Richard and his Dog, Fox…!

smiling as the big Cat came into my rhythm rocked focus, i saw that these were intrepid travelers taking their evening constitutional, wandering about in the way past the outskirts of town, on the dusty not-so-deserted desert trails of their home acres. Richard’s artful abode being about a half mile yonder he says… as he stops to chat, i get a big kiss from Fox. strangers making acquaintance and sharing a few easy moments, a chance to say something and bounce it off of someone, a chance to hear something new.

at The Outpost… wherever it happens to be.

ps – don’t be scared by the weird preview below, just click on the pop-out icon —  5.-Click-on-popup  —  in the upper right hand corner of the preview to get a nice look 🙂

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