a bongo and a bra to bring us beyond!

09 jan 2018
posted on facebook

there has got to be a solution. here i am with all this terribly historic and awfully important stuff going on in the last two days, and NOT A SINGLE SELFIE to show for it! irresponsible, just plain sloppy, call it what you will, but it HAS to stop! anthropologists of the coming (we hope) centuries will surely remark on the paucity of photographic evidence here… i may spend Eternity condemned in the Hallowed Halls of Social Media Studies for this!

for instance…
on sunday…

i bought my very first bra! accompanied by a cowardly comrade who completely collapsed when confronted with the complexity of committing the trying on in a dressing room @Torrid in the Westfield Mall to cellular memory, the deed was undocumented and now lies collecting dust in the dank upper reaches of my aging brain… what a waste! nothing to show but a pair of pretty perky pumpkins all nicely nested in their new push up perch…

then, on monday…

here we go again, having so much fun that neither a nod nor a nudge was made to take a note or cut another notch in the pistol handle of my photo-album arsenal… @BongoJohnny ‘s with the grrls and bois and so much more of the @TransgenderCommunityCoalition ‘s TGMonday event, held evr’y Second Monday of the Month sure as the sun shines o’er our halo’d heads…

laughing and making ribald riot in the public room filled with fun fulfilling gendernauts seeking to escape the grimy gravity of daily drudge in the company of like-minded revelers, a respite from the woes of worry and ennui that beset and burden… away damn spot! Transgender and Non-Binary and Intersex we come to banish you! Gay and Queer and Totally Undefinable we battle to glorious Victory in camaraderie unequaled in any dimension yet imagined by amoeba or any incredible organized assemblage of such! we are legion! we are coming! (well, SOME of us are anyway)

such a fine night, so easy on the soul, so accepting and inviting… my muse was awakened and lifted and moved to leave the cozy confines of the gayly (sic) lit merry room and take my djembe drum and chair to the street to pound out the rhythm of the rain under the dim lamplight outside on the street, in front of Bongo Johnny’s, which until now has without excuse whatsoever had NOT A SINGLE BONGO IN SIGHT must labor under the weight of abandonment and lack, which now has a grrl who plays one to beat out the best of the beauty that beckons from the beyond, right out loud! me! drummer grrl birdy! street pirate extraordinaire! naked underneath my fashionable garb in the wintr’y rainy air!

and then to return, welcomed by beauties beyond description, smiles beaming off the fine and friendly faces, rosy cheeks and perfectly painted lovelies, strong and handsome bois and all served up with sizzling scrumptious seasoned and sweet culinary creations by the cutest darling servers this side of paradise!

take my word for it? are you crazy??? WHERE’S THE SELFIES??? hmmmmm?????? i am here to pronounce myself deficient in the most despicable and undebatable of manners… imagine… in this day and age…

i need a spanking!
(any takers?)
❤ birdy

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