one finds one

…been reading a book that will change my life again.

convincing me. boys and girls, Women and Men… these stay behind, as the dawn arrives, right on time.

11 november 2017

outside the gates are the wildlands
whispered, warned and by dark tales forbidden
where one wanders forever to be lost
they say, but…

inside the breeze the wild comes through the window
whispering, beckoning and by moonlight tempted
one rises to wander forever to lose
the way, and…

beside the water of a pond in a meadow
wistful, enlivened and by joy awakened
one wanders finding where once was lost
the longed for…

girl, boy, what i was and what you were
in the small confines of a place once called home
where being was replaced with belonging
by an idea that kept us apart

but not here in this wild place
wisdom, gentle and loving
one finds one has nothing to lose,
the Whole, and more…

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