calling the Men out.

i’m happy. i think i’ve begun to get the idea now.

the idea being that Men and Women are classes of people, these are identity markers that have nothing to do with any actual individual… not their biology anyway, only their point of view and their “station in life” are indicated by these terms… they are overlays that are mistaken for an essence. it is brainwashing and surrender of autonomy to a mental, emotional, existential straitjacket.

but try confronting a Man with ANYTHING that is critical of the identity “Man” and just watch how quickly they fall into the pattern… arguing, missing the point and changing it to where, inevitably, it is HE that is the victim… poor Man! everyone is so wrong! everyone but Him. and it can and does go on until the “girl” agrees to bend over, to make herself small, to delete her “offensive” comment… to apologize…

this is the reality of being a Woman.

as a Transgender Woman, i’ve got a big responsibility. it is to go beyond the superficial, the fashion, the makeup, the affectation of “femininity”… it is to develop a new point of view, one that takes advantage of the fact that i’ve left the identity of Man behind. but to do that, i have to actually leave it behind.

observing how Men defend each other and their class is an amazing lesson. i highly recommend it as a practice. try it out… find places to call Men out on their behavior, not as individuals, but as Human Beings lost in a cloud of identity hypnosis… and be careful… stand back… there will be fireworks!

poor Men (and of course, poor Women too). if only they could stop being Men, if only we all could stop and allow ourselves to simply be… Human Beings.


the thread below (with names changed to protect everyone but me) is from a poem (written by “Poet”) about an experience in which a Man ditched a Woman. after he left her, she found someone who treats her well, and tells of how the first then comes back begging to have her again. he’ll treat her so much better this time he says. she says… “forget it, you had your chance”… and calls him the fool he is — as a Man — for thinking of her as a thing that he could have, abuse, trash then have again…

that elicited the response from Bigdaddy, to which i replied and then the fireworks exploded. i apologized to Poet for starting a fight on her blog… i’ll not do that again… unless it’s on my own blog, youtube or some neutral space.


November 12, 2017
Most people are stupid. I’ve met very selfish and abusive women in my life. Men don’t own all the stupidity. Or sexism…

November 12, 2017

the difference is… that Men, in order to BE Men, MUST always assert their individual importance, their individual power… the identity that a male puts on when he becomes a Man is the identity of being the One, like a God. Women on the other hand are females made by Men into objects and the identity requires constant submission, constantly allowing the voice of the Man to drown out, to negate, to hide… this is how our society is made, these identities trap us. for a Man to perceive a Woman to be selfish and abusive, all the Woman has to do is speak her mind, behave like a female, like a Human Being with her own mind… the identity of Man interprets any other One as an intolerable affront to His supremacy…
just sayin’…

November 12, 2017

Apologies, but that is one of the most idiotic things I have ever read. My “perception” of being abused is because she hit me, threw objects at me, emotionally blackmailed me, and was domineering. I’m not offended by a woman who speaks her mind. We all have a right to be heard. But don’t generalize an entire group based on the actions of a few.

November 12, 2017

Agreed. Sorry for what happened. 🙂

November 12, 2017

Yah that’s true. But this is her opinion about men and we all have the right to have different opinions. Maybe she has been through something which makes her say so. We can’t judge without knowing the reason.

November 12, 2017

If she’s going to make sweeping judgements of all men based on her experience with just a few, then I will judge that comment. I’ve had some horrible experiences with women, but I do not assume all women are horrible based on those experiences. I mean, apply that logic elsewhere. Would it be okay for her to say an entire race of people are stupid simply because she ran into a few who were?

November 12, 2017

We don’t mean to offend anyone here. Everyone’s not the same I know.


'harto' — fed up, beat... had it. 
ball point pen, photoshop | 2011, by terrence finnerty burke willard

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