i’m going, to be free

03 november 2017

i’m a girl at least, that much i know
at last.
there was a time, long time ago
at last.
i’m over the rainbow
through the looking glass.

i filled my closet, there’s no more room
in there.
i took my wig off, now my hair’s groomed
to there.
i’m in the afterglow
blinking in the morning glare.

the tangle of brambles
the thicket of branches
the twisted vines reaching
the weary soul pleading

the voices around me
the eyes that have found me
the time that was stood still
the mind that was young still

the purpose is easy
the whole seems to be me
where did i learn this?
what do i still miss?

i dress up so happy, i make-up each day
to shine.
i stand on the shoulders, of giants that tell me
to shine.
i’m hearing my muse say
she’s come to be mine.

i can’t shake the feeling, that something is waiting
a gendernaut leaving, on an uncharted journey
a ride.
i feel safe as the wind blows
there’s no need to hide.

i’m a girl at my best, i feel my breasts grow
so fine.
change is a test, go above and below
and find.
i meet people all over the map
the blind leading the blind

the light penetrating
the depths of the water
the shapes not conforming
the mind compensating

the places i must go
the distance is fading
the home i left long ago
the coming of moonglow

the sound of me singing
the rhythm i beat slow
my hands still as they were
when the journey’s beginning

i’m new in this life, and then again i’m not
i’m here.
there’s people around me, they abandon
their fear.
i’ve made my stand on a mountaintop
i bathe in the cold clean air.

i’m about dissolving, that which was assembled
upon me.
i’m off on my way, on i stumble
beyond me.
life will end when it’s over
i’m going, to be free.

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