taking stock

taking stock.
last year at this time, seen from now
now back then seemed just like this:

starting a new life
astounded in the glare
of the rising sun inferno,
across the abyss
bathed in it’s softness
warming the darkness away
washed awake lighting up
into the dawn
all doors opening wide
smiles on all sides
the fabulous pride
just like a bird i was gliding
thermals sending me in upward spirals
she is me now
she’s vanquished her rivals
with every meeting in the street
exponential fractals balloon
absorb and reflect and perfect
all the little things
all the pretty things
she’s a laugher
she lets herself go after
she follows her laughter
like she was her daughter
sighing sun in the evening
warm and inviting breeze
in the palm leaves
eyes so fine, shades of sublime
blue and lined black
red lips red bag red fishnets and heels
until late then
off across the starlit straightaway
under full moon air
full of scented invisible
heavenly angels
strictly watching the speedometer
and the brights shine
windows down blowing
but my wig’s still holding
over these emotional
sweet sweet miles
just rolling
like it will roll on forever
relaxed and smiling
on the way home


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