our poor wings

today, in response to a heartfelt statement made by a “me too” Woman who was distressed at the conflict that keeps repeating when blame is assigned to Men for their violence… on Facebook i wrote:

“i’ve been working on leaving the identity of Man behind, and Woman too… in favor of a new reality free from hierarchical exploitation, where the sexes are reunited, two wings on the same bird… females and males, free.”

later, i was thinking of how the metaphor broke down because each wing is identical to the other, and males and females are not…

but then i laughed at how easy it is to fall into this oppositional, divided mindset… it doesn’t matter that the metaphor breaks down.

the point is easy to see when you imagine two wings looking at each other across the body of the bird that they are “part” of (which they mistake for nothing but an obstacle that keeps blocking their view of one another) and arguing about which one is more important… each one totally missing the point that it is the BIRD that is important…

this is how we are dealing with sex and gender. we keep maintaining the division and failing to see that we are all “part” of the same LIFE. feeling like some “other” part of life isn’t strange, all of life is in us and us in all of life.

it’s our stunted, captured brains that are interfering. our poor wings will never fly this bird as long as they can’t see that they are nothing apart from the bird.

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