the tonic

this last couple of days off, i’ve been intensely busy in discussions on a Reddit group with Radical Feminists called Gender Critical. i must have written about 10 pages of material so far, today i wrote this and think it expresses something valuable when i try to understand myself.

“…i am aware of my body being much more like a female’s than unlike one and of the narrow range of experience and feeling that fits inside the gender “Man”. i feel like much more than that set of stereotypical behaviors Man prescribes to me… my maleness is an unknown and largely unexplored territory since all my life i’ve been socially proscribed from allowing myself to behave how i simply feel in Man culture… i understand that biologically, i am not just a distant cousin to the female of my species, i am in fact a part of that sex, derived as it was from the same life force that developed itself into two sexes…

we are so close… harmonic notes with the female being the root note… the note around which all the other notes are gathered to create harmony…”

“…When you play music, the music is constantly being pulled toward the tonic, or root of the key, wanting to come to a state of rest or completion. The tonic is the most resolved note in a key. The tonic is a key’s center.”

that’s kind of what i am talking about with myself, i am being pulled strongly back to my root.

hum along… come along…


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