“What makes you think this ‘sameness’ is essentially female?”

…this morning i got a comment from earthgarden on a thread i started on the Gender Critical subredd on reddit – cognitive dissonance – i was grateful for the question i was asked, here’s what came of it.

“…that our common origins as physical forms in the womb, as zygotes, before the sexual differentiation caused by the chromosomal difference takes place, is essentially the same.” — birdyfullmoon

What makes you think this ‘sameness’ is essentially female?


so far what i’ve read about is work by Lyn Margulis, biologist (known for pioneering work establishing “symbiogenesis” in nature – nature is evolving in a mutually cooperative way, evolving lifeforms are cooperating and sharing and are not simply accidentally colliding and mutating).

Margulis along with my Mother’s unfinished thesis work at London University on parthenogenesis (the division of eggs and subsequent birth of living beings without male involvement)… she was drummed out of The Man’s institution for her “her-esy” before her doctoral was completed.

so the sameness is based on the fact that in fact, the basic and essential form of life is any form that is capable of reproduction. no other form can possibly exist on its own. males, which obviously which are not able to reproduce, develop as a variant of that matrix.

my Mother sought to prove that females have always had the capacity to produce live births without male “insemination” and she found a 1956 Lancet article (1) that documented 19 cases in the UK of this type of event. all but one were ruled out for parthenogenesis, but the remaining one – “Mrs. Alpha and daughter” – remains unaccounted for by means of conventional Patriarchal reproductive scientific dogma… (2) Mom told me that during routine in vitro fertilization, eggs do divide with no sperm and are thrown away for being “defective”. the children born of parthenogenetic origin are never male.

so what i’m saying is simply that i am descended from a female matrix, that nothing about my sex is alien or opposite or foreign to female, in fact, i am a reflection of female… why else would i have nipples? not only that… of course bodies both female and male produce and need both estrone and testosterone which is further evidence of our close relation…

to be clear though… i am not suggesting that “it’s cool, we’re all the same underneath”… we are DIFFERENT in important ways. those important differences have been mangled into a concept that says we are DIVIDED, separate, unlike one another… so different as to be alien to one another except in terms of reproduction in which this division is used to create the illusion that males are the essential part of reproductive coupling… males are simply a convenience created by nature from its female essence to effect a reproductive strategy which evolved because presumably, it helped species prosper and flourish. the wisdom of that has certainly been called into question with the emergence of the hierarchical concepts that have emerged in our species and their utilization by the males of our species to create Dominance and Exploitation. male/Man dominance is killing everything. it is dysfunctional.

i am faced with a severe existential problem in all of this. as a male, am i irredeemable? am i condemned to be a destroyer of life? is it “in my nature” to be a dick? i can’t really make that work for me, i’d live as a self-hating miserable person if i did. so i’ve found relief in the processing of the information i mention above (and other information) in a way that allows me the possibility of being free from that. i express that by separating the terms “male” and “Man”… and seek to discover and develop myself as a male with the intent of eradicating the Man.


1. — (no abstract is available to quote from 😦 )
Balfour-Lynn, S. 1956. Parthenogenesis in human beings. Lancet 1956: 1071 – 1072

2. — Virgin Birth in Human Females? ©Eric R. Pianka

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