meet me at The Outpost.

in the last 10,000 years males have been through a profound psycho-socio-political transformation in their collective and individual identity, emerging not simply as males, a sex that is so obviously derived from the matrix of female, but as members of an “opposite sex”… a superior sex… a sex created by the Divine to take control and dominate. what we know as being “Men.”

as i understand philosopher Murray Bookchin, our Patriarchal culture is characterized by its elaborate network of Hierarchies that distort Diversity and Difference into Adversity and Division and assign status and rank in both the natural and social worlds. so divided, one can be pit against the other and the many be made to serve the few. the idea is to deliver maximum surplus wealth to the fewest of the few. the assignment of a strictly defined binary gender scheme to ourselves with strictly defined, ranked social status and violently enforced permissible roles is a fundamental pillar of that reality.

the idea of “opposite sexes” is absurd, yet it underlies the mainstream concept of who we are. we feel ourselves divided from one another in a dog eat dog world of competition and “survival of the fittest” and our survival depends on playing the Man’s game better than the next guy.  we wear our “identities” so tightly that we can’t take them off and have little experience of who we really are beneath the cover of social armor we so proudly cling to for meaning and viability.

according to feminist scholar Gerda Lerner, it wasn’t really “on purpose”, at least to begin with, but the result of this “Man” development has been the metastasizing of a culture that now covers the globe… a culture of Dominance & Submission, of Winners & Losers, of Rich & Poor… a culture whose ideological intent is to ensure that a tiny few possess the wealth created by the whole.

most of us are victims of this culture, but like good masochists most of us learn to find enjoyment in our degradation and even identify with it. Sadism seeks not simply the enjoyment of watching its victims suffer, Sadism seeks more… the ideal is the victim that craves their torture, begs for it… it is how a system of oppression and murder can appear to its participants as all in good fun and “natural.”

it is a dangerous, deadly culture. it is enforced on us by those who benefit most and their deranged sycophants who do the dirty work at the level of individual interactions in the community, family, institutions… everywhere. it corrals our mindscape, contaminating our very psyches, emotions… we are prisoners and our own jailers both.

this is why phenomenon like homo-genderphobia are so important to the dominant culture… if people were “hard-wired” to an unalterable Rule of Gender Binary-Heterosexuality, why would they need to be constantly reminded to remain so?

…”act like a Man!” …”Man Up!” …”take it like a Man!” 

the fact that this has to be repeated so often by myriad vehicles of communication, education, social interaction, advertisement, propaganda, religion and our customs in the emphatic, obnoxious, violent manner that it is shows how we are constantly being coerced to believe things that we know and we can feel in our selves is built on lies. we can’t escape being subjected to these messages, pounding into our consciousness… our very survival as individuals depends on how we cope with these alien orders… fail to “pass” and one descends into oblivion.

…or looked at in a more positive light, fail to pass and one exits the trap, soaring, alive.

i renounce identifying with myself as a “Man”. i’m on the outskirts, beyond the pale… in the wild… to be me, a male, free, spinning and grinning with thee.

meet me at The Outpost, and let’s see what else there is. hi!

❤ birdy

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