28 november 2017 "Living systems... are by definition "open self-organizing systems that have the special characteristics of life and interact with their environment. This takes place by means of information and material-energy exchanges..." — Elaine Parent, 'The Living Systems Theory of James Grier Miller', 1996. in Wikipedia "Autopoietic systems are "structurally coupled" with their medium, … Continue reading autopoiesis.

Trans troubles.

yesterday i went to my psychologist. we talked. actually as always, i talked and talked and he just patiently waited for me to lose my breath to speak his always authoritative and insightful thoughts.  which is why i go to him, every two weeks. because i trust him and he's smart and helpful and means … Continue reading Trans troubles.

one finds one

...been reading a book that will change my life again. convincing me. boys and girls, Women and Men... these stay behind, as the dawn arrives, right on time. 11 november 2017 outside the gates are the wildlands whispered, warned and by dark tales forbidden where one wanders forever to be lost they say, but... inside … Continue reading one finds one

taking stock

taking stock. last year at this time, seen from now now back then seemed just like this: starting a new life astounded in the glare of the rising sun inferno, across the abyss bathed in it's softness warming the darkness away washed awake lighting up into the dawn all doors opening wide smiles on all … Continue reading taking stock

you may be normal, but that’s your problem, not mine…

i was reading through the comments after listening to Bronwyn Winter presenting her "Radfem" ideas about Transgender Identity on youtube and came across one which, to respect copyright considerations, i believe i must paraphrase to give an idea what i read... the comment begins with a flat out assertion: to be transgender is to have … Continue reading you may be normal, but that’s your problem, not mine…

our poor wings

today, in response to a heartfelt statement made by a "me too" Woman who was distressed at the conflict that keeps repeating when blame is assigned to Men for their violence... on Facebook i wrote: "i've been working on leaving the identity of Man behind, and Woman too... in favor of a new reality free … Continue reading our poor wings

Free Gender!

i, a "Transgender Woman", find myself in agreement with what i understand to be Gender Critical theory on several of its points. that means that to some Transgender folks i'm a her-etic and a traitor, a "TERF-lover"... at the same time to at least some Gender Critical Feminists, i fail to get the actual point … Continue reading Free Gender!

jail break

there are lots of things to be confused about as a result of the fact that some people don't fit into a neat gender-binary model in which we are all "one thing or the other". classically, those of us with that experience have had to be deemed to be "sick", deformed... victims of some defect … Continue reading jail break

forgetting infinity

…in 1989, i was a young man… i was a secretly crossdressing young man and a seriously dedicated thinker, reading Mary Daly’s ‘Wickedary’ at the time… Mary’s mind-expanding way of demystifying Patriarchal language had me all stirred up… moved to write these lyrics and sing this song, a song that foreshadows my continual transformation in … Continue reading forgetting infinity

bronwen is born

forged in a furnace of ignorance, cynicism and hubris, bronwen is born in a storm of talent, purpose and grace. i left work as Terrence for the last time on saturday the 21st of january 2017... the day the fascist sociopath took office in Washington D.C., a day that i spent sulking and refusing to … Continue reading bronwen is born

a radical feminist’s vision: “…they might succeed in becoming human.”

Radical Feminist theory was what nourished me in the 1980's and 1990's as i struggled to reconcile the paradox that my Mother could love me, a male... yet also establish, describe and document her absolute conviction that Men were the cause of all our troubles. i read Robin Morgan, Andrea Dworkin, bell hooks, Sonia Johnson... … Continue reading a radical feminist’s vision: “…they might succeed in becoming human.”


pretty. i look in the mirror as i dance, the music makes me so happy... i move and i sing... it's after work, i'm stripped down to my underwear, just a bikini, pink with a little lace edging. tight... i've still got my earrings, gold hoops, on... and my necklace, green beads and silver beads … Continue reading pretty.

we are becoming free

we are among the ones who for whatever reason cannot live without violating the phony rules set up to pit us one against the other… there is no other that exists apart from ourselves. we feel a need to integrate the artificial divisions and find our whole selves. we are becoming free…

the tonic

this last couple of days off, i've been intensely busy in discussions on a Reddit group with Radical Feminists called Gender Critical. i must have written about 10 pages of material so far, today i wrote this and think it expresses something valuable when i try to understand myself. "...i am aware of my body … Continue reading the tonic

“What makes you think this ‘sameness’ is essentially female?”

...this morning i got a comment from earthgarden on a thread i started on the Gender Critical subredd on reddit - cognitive dissonance - i was grateful for the question i was asked, here's what came of it. "...that our common origins as physical forms in the womb, as zygotes, before the sexual differentiation caused … Continue reading “What makes you think this ‘sameness’ is essentially female?”

cognitive dissonance

posted on Gender Critical subreddit 27 september 2017 i have just discovered Rachael Ivey, and have posted her lecture on youtube called 'radfem response 2014' on my blog (in the 'wisdom' section of the sidebar on the right)... her talk discusses cognitive dissonance faced when the way we see things comes into contact with a … Continue reading cognitive dissonance

rebel spirit

i am not a "Man", i am male. why do we have two sets of words to denote sex/gender? …male/Man, female/Woman... female/male seems straightforward enough, based on physical elements... that is if we are comfortable with excluding those who are born as both/neither (Intersex). but what about "Man/Woman"? Man/Woman identities are concepts... social creations imposed … Continue reading rebel spirit